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Continued from previous page... Like many start-ups, the company was formed out of trauma. ABB had purchased the Allco Steel Corporation, then one of the biggest steel fabricators on the east coast of Australia, and a number of experienced engineering and design staff found themselves surplus to requirements. This proved to be a blessing in disguise; Chris and a colleague, Mark Bajorek, set up the Enterprise Drafting Company Pty Ltd in 1992 and have never looked back since. The team had a lot of high-quality experience behind them, having worked on some of Australia's most prestigious building and plant projects, so success and growth came quickly. By 2008, the company had grown far beyond being just a supplier of drafting services, and renamed itself EDC Consultants Pty Ltd. A key factor in this growth was the adoption, in 2001, of BoCAD (as it was then called) software for structural steel design. Chris Velovski explained, 'We'd had some very bad experiences with general-purpose 3D modelling systems. They were claimed to be able to do anything, but we quickly discovered how drastically they would fail when pushed. I had had some experience with an early version of BoCAD when working with Allco Steel, and I learned that it had since moved on from being a rather unwieldy programming language to being a full visual modeller. So I made a point of attending a demonstration advertised in the Australian Steel Institute's magazine.' For some time, Chris and his team had been evaluating other structural steel solutions and they had been disappointed to find that these still had many of the shortcomings of the general-purpose systems. The BoCAD demonstration was impressive and further investigation indicated that EDC had at last found a solution that could support their long-term development. BoCAD-3D was purchased and, after a brief training period, put to work on a live project. Zoran Markovski, BoCAD Coordinator / BIM Coordinator, explained, 'This decision changed the course of the company. We increased our productivity and were able to integrate our project delivery faster than I would ever have thought possible. The ability to model intuitively in 3D, and to move freely around the model without continually resetting coordinates was exhilarating!' AVEVA World Magazine 2013 | Issue 2

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