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Convergent evolution In biology, it is common to encounter completely unrelated species – often on widely separated continents – that have so successfully solved the same survival challenges as to have become physically almost indistinguishable. It's called convergent evolution. A corresponding convergence is also taking place in the engineering world, as sectors and disciplines that once considered themselves unique progressively adopt common solutions to what are, in essence, common challenges. The obvious difference of course is the speed of the convergence, which is driven as much by the rapid advances in enabling technologies as by the relentless growth of global demand. AVEVA has played a central role in this, perhaps most conspicuously in integrating plant design and construction technologies with those of shipbuilding to support the booming offshore industry. We continue to drive convergence in other areas, towards a vision of efficient, seamless engineering in a seamless AVEVA technology environment. This issue features some good examples of this. We have made strong progress in integrating best-in-class structural steel design with plant and outfitting design, while AVEVA Engineering™ is rapidly bringing down barriers between engineering and design disciplines. Traditional boundaries between asset creation and asset operation are also eroding as Owner Operators come to appreciate the considerable economic benefits of sharing information with their EPCs from the earliest stages of a project. And this is not just one-way pressure; UPEC, one of our progressive Russian EPC customers, is actively promoting this collaborative way of working to its Owner Operator clients. The big breakthroughs we described in the last issue are now being followed up with consolidation as we bring planned incremental developments and technology integration to market. So while last year may have been the most exciting ever for AVEVA, I think many of our customers are finding this year just as exciting. At our early adopters of AVEVA Everything3D™ we find their engineers tremendously enthusiastic about its new capabilities. As you turn these pages you will find success after success as we and our global customers advance together. As they have used AVEVA technology to grow in efficiency and capability, so AVEVA has continued to grow in turnover and global presence. Together we are converging on a shared vision. Richard Longdon Chief Executive AVEVA Group plc AVEVA World Magazine 2013 | Issue 2

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