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Structural Growth How AVEVA's acquisition of bocad is delivering new capabilities A great deal has been achieved in integrating bocad and its products into the AVEVA family. Here, we take a look at the benefits this is already delivering for our customers. Background Most engineering companies use a variety of different applications for different tasks, but incompatibilities between them often create discontinuities in what should be a seamless, collaborative workflow. The acquisition of bocad was an important step in AVEVA's continuing strategy to remove such obstacles to sharing information. It brings best-in-class, highly automated structural steel detailing within the AVEVA environment. The need In the plant or offshore industries, designers create structural steelwork along with all the other piping and equipment layout. But it has been customary to export the data to a specialist contractor who would use third-party software to complete the detail design and fabricate the parts. This export takes place early in the programme, because steelwork must progress to construction in advance of the rest of the project. From the moment of export, of course, the steelwork design diverged from the rest of the layout, which continued to evolve, creating the very real risk of undetectable clashes causing serious problems in construction. The business case was clear. It was already possible to exchange data with bocad's solution, which was recognised as the leader in its market and was popular with many AVEVA customers. Closer integration would avoid the design divergence problem and increase productivity. Working together The expanded AVEVA team has already created optimised solutions for specific markets and simplified the product range, making it easier for customers to acquire, and benefit from, this powerful technology. With the recent release of two new products, the AVEVA portfolio now includes: - AVEVA Bocad Steel™ - AVEVA Bocad Offshore™ (add on) - AVEVA Bocad Onshore™ (add on) - AVEVA Bocad Tower™ - AVEVA Bocad Roof and Wall™ Solutions for the plant industries… Here, the core solution is AVEVA Bocad Steel. This provides best-in-class design automation capabilities in general steel detailing and fabrication. Integrated with both AVEVA PDMS™ and the new AVEVA Everything3D™ (AVEVA E3D™) it enables effective collaboration between the plant layout designer and the steel detailer, overcoming the 'diverging designs' problem. The steel detailer can periodically return the structural steel model into the PDMS / AVEVA E3D environment where the plant designer can use the Compare & Update capability to review changes and accept them into the master project model, or reject them. This makes it easy to keep steelwork and plant layout in step as the overall design is developed. Status highlighting can be applied to distinguish areas that have been released to fabrication from those still subject to change. The business value this brings in eliminating sources of construction problems is considerable. AVEVA World Magazine 2013 | Issue 2

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