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Full-scope supplier to the pulp and paper industries To find out more about Metso Paper's use of AVEVA's engineering tools, we visited their head office in Jyväskylä in Finland, and two offices of the power division, in Tampere, Finland and in Gothenburg, Sweden. We met Ismo Vaiste, General Manager, Engineering Systems, Metso Paper, Jyväskylä. Ismo Vaiste told us, 'Metso Paper is the leading full-scope supplier of pulping, papermaking and power generation technologies for the pulp and paper industry. Metso Paper develops and delivers complete production lines, rebuilds and modernisations, as well as process knowhow, and expert and maintenance services. The wide product range covers the whole process line from wood-handling and pulping all the way to paper roll handling.' He went on, 'Metso Paper has delivered about half of the world's paper machine capacity, and about 40 per cent of the pulping line and tissue machine capacity. Our power division, Metso Power has delivered about 40 per cent of the pulp industry's recovery boilers, and about a quarter of the world's industrial-sized bio- and multi-fuel fluidised bed boilers.' 'Demand for new machines and equipment used in the production of pulp, paper and board is increasing faster than average in Asia and South America. Most of the new pulp, paper and board mills are built for these growing markets.' 'In December 2006, we acquired the Pulping and Power businesses of Aker Kvaerner. This acquisition enables us to deliver complete pulp mills, modernisations and maintenance services, and to serve new customers in the power industry.' 'Applications from the AVEVA Plant portfolio, including AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA Global have been in use for more than ten years in our organisation as the design and engineering tool for our five business lines – Fibre, Paper and Board, Tissue, Power and Panel-board. PDMS is used as the engineering tool for the chemical pulping, power generation, mechanical pulping, and chemical recovery processes. The next step for us is to increase our own capacity by also using PDMS for the design and engineering of the paper and board making process, as our customers prefer only one vendor to be responsible for the complete delivery. Paper and board making is a growing industry today, as a result of expanding sales through the Internet.' Growing demand for sharing information with customers and subcontractors Ismo Vaiste continued, 'Our projects are often very complex, and are executed globally with many consultants and subcontractors involved. At Metso Paper, we cooperate extensively with our customers and subcontractors. During a project, there are several 'freezing points' where design information such as drawings, documents and 3D PDMS models are delivered to customers for their comments, before we can go ahead with the project. AVEVA Global plays an important role here, enabling our 13 engineering offices and partners to work concurrently towards the same model, independent of geographical distances and time zones. We are using the application more and more, with highly satisfying results.' Lars Bylund General Manager IT, Metso Power 'It is vital for us to share design and engineering information with our subcontractors. By having access to all information, our subcontractors will be able to take greater responsibility for projects.' 'Metso Paper will always perform high-end engineering tasks. But our customers worldwide have differing requirements, so customisation varies from country to country. This creates a great need for efficient cooperation between our offices and our local people. In this, Global plays an important role.' AVEVA PDMS used from the very start of a project Pasi Ilomäki, CAE Systems Development Engineer, Metso Power in Tampere, and Lars Bylund, General Manager IT, Metso Power in Gothenburg, further emphasised the importance of the Global application. They told us, 'All our power projects are global. Our five engineering offices in the Power division are located in Brazil, the United States, Sweden and Finland. They all work closely together. AVEVA Plant portfolio products have been used for the design of boilers and evaporation plants for more than forty complete large power projects in the last ten years. Ten power projects are running at this moment, and the two biggest projects are in Brazil and Chile. Today, we use PDMS right from the start of a project when we create the first layout of a new boiler or evaporation plant.' Ismo Vaiste General Manager - Engineering Systems, Metso Paper Pasi Ilomäki CAE Systems Development Engineer, Metso Paper AVEVA PIPELINE | 2008 Issue 1 | Page 17

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