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Below are quantified results from two AMEC Paragon projects that utilised an Integrated Project Execution strategy: All images courtesy of AMEC Paragon Project 1: Retrofit offshore project using laser scanning integrated with AVEVA PDMS Project 2: Offshore project using AVEVA VPE, AVEVA VPRM and AVEVA PDMS integration • 20% reduction in spool piping field welds normally left for field verification, fit-up and weld out due to incorporating, into the PDMS model, accurate dimensions of the existing facilities derived from the laser scan. This percentage varies from project to project according to type of installation and its location. Since the project consisted of a high-pressure piping and equipment installation for gas injection on an existing offshore platform, the amount of field weld reduction was limited due to the size and weight of each spool piece in order to be able to safely rig, lift, transfer and handle each piece during hook-up. • 50% reduction in procurement group man-hours for major equipment packages. The turn-around time from the release of a Material Requisition by engineering to the issue for inquiry has traditionally been measured in weeks. In most cases, this was accomplished in days, due to the structured work process and integration between AVEVA VPE and VPRM. • In addition to the spool piping fabrication savings, AMEC Paragon achieved approximately a 50% reduction of the man-hours it would normally take to field verify, fit-up, weld out, perform a NonDestructive Evaluation (NDE), and post weld heat-treat the 20% reduction of field welds compared with onshore in the fabrication shop. NDE is vital for constructing and maintaining all types of components and structures. To detect different defects such as cracking and corrosion, there are different methods of testing available, such as X-ray (where cracks show up on the film) and ultrasound (where cracks show up as an echo blip on the screen). • 50% reduction in document control man-hours for client handover. VPRM's structured work process provided streamlined engineering and vendor documentation processing, and complemented AMEC Paragon's electronic document management system. • 0% rework of piping and structural clashes within the new installation has been accounted for during the offshore hook-up, thanks to the accuracy of information obtained from the laser scan of the existing facilities being incorporated into the PDMS model to prevent clashes of the new installation with the existing asset. The PDMS model in itself has also been a benefit with 0% rework accounted for, since its main directive is to prevent the possibility of clashes within the new installation. • 90% reduction in procurement group man-hours for bulk material packages. The integration between AVEVA PDMS and VPRM made this an extremely efficient work process. • 95% reduction in reprographic costs related to client handover. The client handover process would traditionally take days, and many man-hours, and have large reprographic costs. In most cases, AMEC Paragon's projects transfer documents in hours, with reduced manhours and almost no reprographic costs. • Creation of weight management reports in less than five minutes instead of four hours. This weight management reporting application uses data directly obtained from PDMS, which is then formatted and summarised. The system eliminated the creation and management of manual spreadsheets. In addition, the reports are far more detailed, providing weight by location, category, shape or material. • Project saved approximately one month of offshore hook-up time at completion. There was no rework due to interferences or clashes. • 5% reduction of material waste due to lack of interferences, clashes, rerouting, and so on. • Reduced engineering time by up to 10%. • Reduced offshore visits by up to 70%. AVEVA PIPELINE | 2008 Issue 1 | Page 21

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