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Unleashing Creativity Watching an advertisement for a latest-generation video game recently, I reflected on how far – and how fast – these technologies have advanced to become mainstream culture. But whereas a game is an end in itself, AVEVA products in contrast are enablers; they unleash creativity right across the engineering industries, often in ways that were never envisaged when we first created the software. The video game caught my attention because I had just witnessed a colleague demonstrating our new AVEVA Activity Visualisation Platform™ (AVEVA AVP™) product, which uses industrial gaming technology to enable simulation-based training. This is an enabling technology that not only meets an immediate and very real need to improve operational efficiency and safety by fostering excellence in training, but will also undoubtedly lead to many unforeseen innovations as its user community grows. While the benefits of a video game are short-lived, AVEVA's technology and the projects it enables deliver value for decades. Another way in which AVEVA is exploiting consumer-oriented technology for engineering applications is through the launch of the AVEVA E3D Insight™ tablet app, aimed at eliminating bottlenecks in the design approval process by providing direct access to the live AVEVA E3D™ design model, anywhere, any time. At the AVEVA World Summit in Boston we introduced AVEVA E3D Insight to a spellbound audience of delegates and leading industry analysts. These analysts are deeply knowledgeable and not known for giving praise lightly, so their universally warm welcome to this ground-breaking product was especially pleasing. The icing on the cake was to see the value of this new product also recognised by its receiving the UK tech awards 'Tech Innovation of the Year'. Almost every issue of AVEVA World Magazine illustrates our status as innovation enablers. The development of an oblique icebreaker – a vessel that moves sideways for more efficient ice-breaking – is just one example of the ways, described in this issue, that customers are using AVEVA products to innovate and achieve world firsts. The vessel is scheduled to be in service later this year. To me, the fact that we can create pioneering new software technologies that then go on to enable others to pioneer completely new, practical solutions to economically important challenges is truly exhilarating. Now that AVEVA Everything3D™ has been in service with early adopters for a year, we are beginning to see how successful it is proving on real projects. No surprise to us, as it's built on the same proven foundations as AVEVA PDMS™, but the engineering industry is entitled to be cautious when deploying any new technology, especially on such safety-critical applications as nuclear power. AVEVA E3D's use by OKG on their nuclear projects is therefore particularly convincing proof of the confidence that this next-generation design technology engenders. 2014 brings new opportunities for AVEVA and its customers to achieve extraordinary things together. Richard Longdon Chief Executive AVEVA Group plc AVEVA World Magazine 2014 | Issue 1

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