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Similarly by allowing for modelling within the BubbleView environment, as is possible in AVEVA E3D and AVEVA Laser Modeller™, we are delivering the ability to create an intelligent as-built model. Once created, this intelligent and accurate model becomes a valuable information asset that supports an effective overall asset management strategy. Information sharing The lightweight technology behind the LFM BubbleViews also enables them to link directly with AVEVA NET™, providing an intuitive way for operators to visualise and 'walk through' their asset. Using AVEVA NET IntelliLaser™, objects in 3D BubbleViews can be hot-spotted, linking them to various associated data sources such as operations and maintenance information. In addition, simply by keying in an object's tag reference, a user can view, measure and annotate the object in a realistic virtual model of the real plant. This capability is unique to AVEVA technology. Imagine perfect as-built 3D data During project execution, AVEVA E3D provides the possibility to continually verify the as-fabricated and as-constructed against the as-designed model and to update the design model to reflect the true state of the delivered plant. In addition to the many benefits this provides to the EPC in eliminating or mitigating non-compliances with the design intent, a significant benefit for an Owner Operator is the high quality of as-built 3D information at handover. Now asset management can begin with an accurate, complete and intelligent model of the physical asset; a sound basis for safe, efficient and compliant life cycle management. The use of 3D laser scan data is a key element in AVEVA's vision of Plant Design for Lean Construction which, by using continual feedback of laser data to close the loop between design, fabrication and construction, enables a transformation in capital project execution. But this also stands to transform asset ownership, by enabling the earlier delivery of higher quality physical assets accompanied by accurate 'digital plant' information assets. AVEVA continues to lead the way in providing solutions that maximise capabilities through every stage of the asset life cycle. [ends] Burgasnefteproekt Reduces Design Time by 80% Using AVEVA Technologies Russia's buoyant oil & gas industry is the world's largest oil producer. With both domestic and global energy demand continuing to increase, Russia's EPCs are in high demand, both for new-build projects and for revamping many elderly facilities. One of these EPCs, Burgasnefteproekt, specialises in petrochemicals projects and has achieved significant cost savings using AVEVA Laser Modeller™ on revamp projects. Working with Italian company, Technip, Burgasnefteproekt recently undertook a project to upgrade the flaring system on a heavy residues (H-Oil) processing facility for Lukoil Neftochim Burgas. The work entailed checking the capacity of the existing flaring system taking into account new loads, and providing up-to-date, accurate project documentation to facilitate future refurbishments. Now more than 30 years old, the asset had accumulated many divergences between the as-designed and as-built states. Faced with this challenge, Burgasnefteproekt turned to AVEVA Laser Modeller to capture the as-built asset and create a 3D model of the flaring system. 3D laser scan data captured from the facility was imported into AVEVA Laser Modeller, which uses a high resolution, photo-realistic BubbleView™ rendering of the scan and extensively automates the 3D modelling process. On completion, the new model was transferred to AVEVA PDMS™. The result was an accurate 3D as-built model which Burgasnefteproekt could use for the revamp project, and which also provided a valuable digital asset for future design and maintenance activities. Any future plant modifications can be easily compared with the as-built 3D model by using the LFM Server™ technology to reference the laser scan data directly inside AVEVA PDMS. Using these technologies, Burgasnefteproekt achieved an impressive 80% saving in design man-hours. 'The use of laser scanning technology on this project had a significant impact on the overall labour costs by making the process faster and more efficient,' explained Rosen Spasov Kutiev, Head of Technical Department, Burgasnefteproekt. 'Using AVEVA technologies we were able to complete the documentation in only 136 man-hours. Using traditional ways of working, the same task would have taken us between 700 and 900 man-hours. As a result, we rapidly gained an accurate as-built 3D model which we can use for redesign.' About Burgasnefteproekt LUKOIL-Nizhegorodniinefteproekt was established in 1951. It owns several design branches, including Burgasnefteproekt, which was established in 2010. The company focuses on engineering and design in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries and is involved in many projects across Bulgaria and Russia. For more information visit www.nneft.lukoil.ru. AVEVA World Magazine 2014 | Issue 1

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