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Current Flow - Continual Progression in Electrical & Instrumentation solutions AVEVA Instrumentation was launched in 2009 and, in response to enthusiastic requests from customers, was quickly followed by AVEVA Electrical. Both were far ahead of their nearest competitors when launched, and sustained development has further extended their lead. 2014 saw some important new developments in these rising star applications, so it is timely to review the progress made. Piping layout may create the body of a plant, but Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) engineering creates power and control system intelligences, enabling and controlling all of its critical functions. One might therefore expect that, just as piping layout uses sophisticated 3D design software, so E&I would have its own powerful, specialised applications. However, available applications were generally regarded as costly, inefficient and difficult to use, while most E&I engineers still had to make do with spreadsheets and 2D CAD software. This is all the more astonishing when you reflect that E&I accounts for 60% of a plant's life cycle hardware costs and is critical to safe and efficient plant operation, while its information is accessed more often than any other type. Little wonder then that both AVEVA products met with immediate success; within a year, AVEVA Electrical went from a standing start to over 40 major installations. Users of both applications reported a sense of liberation, both from the costly drudgery imposed by their original E&I tools and from the poor response of other vendors to requests for new features. As a result, an enthusiastic user community was eager to work with AVEVA, contributing ideas and requests, offering valuable insights into practical aspects of using these products and helping AVEVA to prioritise developments. 2014 has seen many resulting improvements that increase customers' productivity. New technology partnership Arguably the most significant new development has been a technology partnership between AVEVA and ETAP, the global market leader in Power System Design Analysis software. Electrical design for engineering projects is considerably more complex than just ensuring that the right connections are made. Power supplies must be correctly specified for both normal and peak demands, cables and switchgear optimally sized for their current-handling capacities, fault conditions analysed, and so on. ETAP's technology provides the most comprehensive functions for such tasks while AVEVA Electrical complements them with its best-in-class engineering design functions. Making the two technologies interoperable has obvious and substantial benefits. continued... AVEVA World Magazine 2014 | Issue 2 p34

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