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Formed from the 2010 merger of the Diesel and Turbo divisions of MAN, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE held a workshop in 2012 to develop its engineering vision for 2015. 'The turbomachinery business has been an AVEVA customer for a long time,' explained Moritz, 'but the diesel division had been using a different system for 20 years. Following the merger we needed to standardise on common tools and best practice methods across the combined business.' During the workshop, they assessed their future engineering needs, which spanned 2D planning, 3D modelling, 2D and 3D integration, technical document management and the need to support synergies with other business units. Next, they moved on to supplier assessment. 'We chose to organise a tender selection process in which AVEVA and the competitor presented their proposed implementations,' Moritz said. 'AVEVA won this tender process through a combination of technical capabilities and their ability to deploy a pilot-scale solution in just six months.' Various IT solutions Previously, each area of the business had its own IT solutions and data, making it difficult to integrate processes and projects. Starting with the engineering department, the source of all technical plant information, the implementation process had to integrate a disparate collection of very high quality tools and information. 'MAN's aim is for its Power Engineering division to further strengthen its capabilities in the EPC space to meet the increasing complexity of EPC contracts. The aim of the PIPE project was to manage all kinds of documents in a structured way. For this, we defined an overall engineering application architecture that the entire business unit could share.' First steps Once the project was defined, the next step was the integration and control of the various business processes. The first objective of PIPE was therefore to create an integrated system platform that would enable global concurrent engineering across the company's satellite business units. MAN Diesel & Turbo SE began the pilot phase of the PIPE project with AVEVA Diagrams™ for process system design, AVEVA Engineering™ for managing the engineering data, and AVEVA PDMS™ for 3D design. Johann's team functioned as a central communication hub and liaised directly with AVEVA's technical team. It was Johann's and Moritz's team that rolled out the basic PIPE implementation, initially to key users from all disciplines in MAN Diesel & Turbo SE's German and Indian offices. AVEVA specialists provided knowledge transfer and were in the driving seat of the project while in-house competency was being established. The power engineering managers were also closely involved in the implementation because, as Johann explained, 'They are a part of this; it is their future and they have to drive it.' continued... AVEVA World Magazine 2014 | Issue 2 p5

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