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The Visual Approach to Asset Performance Management: Meridium and AVEVA partner to deliver increased value from asset performance data Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions provide asset operators with the required information to support risk- reducing and profitability- enhancing decisions, leading to better overall performance of production assets. AVEVA and Meridium have jointly developed visualAPM, an innovative asset performance management solution which delivers a new class of decision support software, enabling improved use of available information when developing maintenance and asset management strategies. visualAPM allows this data to be viewed in context using a navigable 3D model of the plant, offering an intuitive means of distinguishing critical from non- critical information. This visual representation of asset information means that engineers can now make improved decisions on how to manage their production assets quickly and easily. A complement to visualAPM, Meridium's enterprise APM solution supports all aspects of asset performance management to enable asset owners and operators to achieve predictable production at the lowest cost. visualAPM augments this solution and makes use of the capabilities of AVEVA NET™ by visualising and contextualising information, and provides the asset performance or maintenance engineers with an improved navigation platform for key APM data. This allows users to better understand and interpret the health and risk status of an operating plant. Better understanding, of course, means better decisions: the team can take corrective action and perform maintenance to increase efficiency, safety and return on investment, reduce operating risks and more easily ensure regulatory compliance. Visualising asset health visualAPM can enable a significant increase in the overall health of a facility. For example, with visualAPM an engineer can quickly compare the health of two adjacent pumps. Where a non-visual system would identify them separately (and their proximity and location would not immediately be apparent), engineers using visualAPM could not only see that the pumps were adjacent, they could also see immediately the relative health status from colour coding on the 3D model. Reference to the relevant P&ID (available by extending visualAPM to include additional AVEVA NET functionality) reveals the roles of both of the pumps in plant operation, and a drilldown to the Meridium APM data shows the underlying problems: one has a leak, whereas the other shows excess vibration. An informed decision can now be made to apply best practices and schedule repairs to both. Visualising mechanical integrity visualAPM can also display the key mechanical integrity criteria of a selected area of plant pipework using the configurable colour-coding system, which is based on Meridium-derived data for the pipe's thickness, wall loss, corrosion and replacement date. These metrics are calculated using Meridium's powerful predictive algorithms from data obtained during plant inspections. Using visualAPM, the asset performance engineer can identify the proximity of areas of concern on the 3D model (for example, understanding the mechanical integrity of a particular section of pipe by highlighting critical areas) and then make appropriate decisions for corrective action. The engineer can now see the status of nearby equipment, so that all outstanding issues in the surrounding area can be addressed in a prioritised and well-managed manner. This approach can make possible a dramatic reduction in the cost of asset ownership, as more efficient use of maintenance resources reduces direct OPEX costs, while minimising the need for downtime reduces the payback period on capital- intensive assets. Owner Operators (OOs) seeking to reduce operational risk and total cost of ownership can use visualAPM to make better informed asset maintenance decisions. The solution is an invaluable tool in helping innovative OOs with mature APM strategies to achieve the next level in asset performance management. continued... AVEVA World Magazine 2014 | Issue 2 p42

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