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(continued) Like many EPCs without a dedicated Information Management system, NCPE had increasingly found itself hindered by slow and difficult access to information which, when found, was often of uncertain accuracy. In addition, there was no system in place that allowed for effective working across the disciplines. Pressures to complete the Anqing expansion quickly, and increasing customer demands for more extensive data handover, led the company to tackle this problem by adopting AVEVA's Progressive Handover and Project Data Visualisation solutions. Selecting the right solution NCPE identified three candidate solutions, including AVEVA's, and began a careful evaluation of their suitability. Ms Wei Yunhua, Director of the 3D Digital Centre at NCPE, explained, 'We rejected the first solution because it suffered from inflexible configuration and poor data compatibility. The second vendor offered a very attractive combination of price and speed of implementation, but we quickly discovered their solution's limitations during its trial deployment. AVEVA's offering proved to have many advantages over its competitors.' Project data visualisation AVEVA's Project Data Visualisation solution acquires project information from documents and other data sources, and structures it according to NCPE's data model in the AVEVA Digital Information Hub™. The web interface gives NCPE access to data and documents without the need for the authoring applications to be present on desktop and mobile clients. Information is displayed as a summary for each tag in context, making it easier for NCPE to understand the relationships between objects, documents and datasets. Mark-up and custom groupings of objects enable collaboration, while customisable reporting enables easy verification of the quality of the information in the AVEVA Digital Information Hub. Visualisation of data enables understanding, and understanding of project data enhances collaboration, decision making and reuse of information. Visualisation of data is achieved in many ways, ranging from a simple form or datasheet to view a set of attributes related to an engineering object or document, through to interactive 3D models and dashboards combining diagrams, drawings and charts. With AVEVA's Project Data Visualisation solution, NCPE can visualise data in the most appropriate way for any particular type of data, giving Anqing project users deeper insights into the origins, history and associations of any given data. Powerful search and reporting tools allow NCPE to access and assess the quality of project data more easily than ever before. For NCPE, these advantages were decisive. AVEVA NET™, a key product underpinning the solution, integrates well, not only with the company's AVEVA PDMS™ and AVEVA Diagrams™ data, but also with their many other different data sources. It enables close control of users' access authorisations, from being allowed only to view the model, to being permitted to modify and duplicate 3D model data and 2D drawing information. (continues) AVEVA World Magazine 2015 | Issue 1 p39

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