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Investing for the Future Flagsol uses AVEVA engineering tools for solar power plant design. Every year, the sun transmits over a billion terawatt- hours of energy to the earth, yet only a small fraction of this is used as a source of energy. Solar thermal power plants are a future-oriented solution to this waste. AVEVA products guide the designers of these power plants through the detailed planning steps up to commissioning. A futuristic landscape in the middle of the desert in Andalucía – a giant array of shiny silver mirrors with seemingly endless tube systems glistens in the shimmering air. In fact, when it comes to energy generation, the future is already here, in the province of Granada. The three Andasol power plants are the first parabolic trough power plants in Europe and, in terms of collector surface, they constitute the world's largest solar power plant. Flagsol, a subsidiary of the Solar Millennium Group, has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. The company is, among other things, responsible for the engineering of the solar array, the core element of the power plant. This consists of many parallel rows of solar collectors, arranged in a north/south direction, tracking the solar curve from east to west. Ever since 2007, Flagsol has been using AVEVA PDMS™, a 3D design system, to dimension and design the solar array. Before that, the solar experts relied on a CAD tool, which was close to the limit of its capabilities.

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