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AVEVA Supports Ground-breaking Sour Oil & Gas Project in Oman Petroleum Development Oman unlocks the benefits of Information Management at the Harweel oilfield Having critical information scattered in various repositories and systems across an organisation is a familiar problem across the plant industries, and one which Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) was determined to overcome. With information assets comprising documents and drawings in a variety of formats, tag information, instrumentation data and maintenance information, AVEVA NET™ was the obvious solution. PDO decided to roll out the technology on one of their most complex facilities, Harweel, a sour oil & gas project in the south of Oman. This miscible gas injection project is one of the most complex undertakings PDO has ever attempted, so the stakes were high. With the solution now fully deployed, PDO can readily quantify the significant benefits achieved. We spoke with Mr Sadiq Al Lawati, Head of Business Improvement IM, PDO, to learn more about the roll-out and how it has created a comprehensive Information Management solution for efficient, safer working, both at Harweel and across the organisation. The original problems were not unique to PDO. Maintenance work was trapped in a reactive cycle, as keeping track of maintenance changes over time was difficult and time-consuming. Information could unknowingly be out of date or inaccurate, as there were no standards against which it could be checked. And although PDO's engineers rose to the challenge by learning to use the variety of different systems, they were nevertheless frustrated by spending a lot of time searching for and checking information before they could perform any tasks. PDO recognised that not only did such inefficient working increase OPEX costs, there were also obvious safety implications. 'There was no quick and intelligent way of aggregating all of the information,' explained Mr Al Lawati. 'There were no relationships, just disconnected bits of data floating in cyberspace. Obviously, if I am planning maintenance work on a specific piece of equipment, such as a valve, I want to know everything about it: its maintenance history, relevant P&IDs, what else that valve is near, accessibility, supplier information – everything. Finding even time-critical information piece by piece was laborious and slow.' (continued)

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