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'In many cases, we found that trying to solve one problem just created another one. A common example was, when going to install a pipe, no one knew exactly where the next pipe would be, which could cause major disruptions and long hours of work to solve the problem. Now a single series of scans can be produced quickly and cost-effectively; these scans can then be brought back into the 3D modelling environment to enable the designer to see the exact site situation. These new and more efficient design tools have reduced inconsistencies and data loss, helping us to move projects more quickly into production with far less on-site problem solving and rework. 'Nowadays, the whole process is very smooth, organised, and more cost- and time-effective. Revision work has decreased and the quality of the work has increased. And because we are able to have a broader view of the whole project in advance, we can anticipate many potential problems and put a plan into action to avoid or solve them without causing any disruption or delays. BubbleView™ enables us not just to spot problems but, if there are any, it also helps us plan how to overcome them,' Mr Timirci added. Measurable benefits of using AVEVA E3D Mr Timirci went on to highlight a number of impressive benefits that Tekfen had gained, including: • A 60% reduction in engineering man-hours for drawing production on an NPK plant revamp. • Shaving three months off the survey time on a project. • About 30% less on-site rework compared to similar previous projects. • Significantly reduced installation errors by using AVEVA Review™ in the design stage. • Reduction of potential Health & Safety hazards arising from engineering decisions being based on incomplete or inaccurate information. • New standards have been set for delivering comprehensive and contextual information that improves project quality and performance. Get involved... Tweet using our hashtag #AVEVAE3D Continue in the next page…

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